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Ice Cream

Over 50 flavours in store everyday. Served in either cups of cones. One, two or three scoops, toppings and add ons. Dream your own creation!


Select from our range of unique creations, served with three scoops of ice cream and a soft drink.


Three scoops of ice cream, smothered with a selection of delicious toppings, whipped cream, chopped nuts and dipping sauce or hot fudge.


Refreshing ice blended treats – coffee, chocolate, mocha or vanilla, topped with whipped cream.


Twelve flavours with dairy or soy milk & our special ice cream. Thick shakes made to order from any ice cream.


Homemade style Belgian waffle, ice cream, whipped cream and maple syrup or hot fudge. (Winter Only)

Ice Cream Cakes

Celebrate your special occasion with a made to order ice cream cake.

Take Home Packs

Enjoy a little piece of us at your place!