Why Will’s Batch and who is Will?

Will is actually short for Williamstown, where we’re based. The Williamstown Ice Cream Factory is one of Melbourne’s longest running boutique ice cream companies. We make our ice cream the traditional way, by hand and in small batches. So…WILL is for Williamstown and BATCH is for small batches.

Can I hold a children’s party at Will’s Batch Bentleigh?

Yes, we can host children’s parties in the shop prior to our regular opening. For more information see ‘Visit our Shop’.

Who creates all those flavours?

Our ice cream makers come up with most flavours, although a number have originated from customers. We enjoy the challenge of dreaming up new flavours. If you have an idea for a unique flavour, we’d love to hear from you.

Do you make ice cream cakes?

Only as part of an in-house children’s party.

Does your ice cream contain nuts?

We have a number of flavours that include nuts and these are labeled accordingly. However, please note that as we make ice cream in small batches which use common equipment, there is a chance of finding nut traces in other products.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Our ice cream, gelato and sorbets are suitable for vegetarians. Our Nuevo Gelato range and sorbets are dairy free and suitable for vegans. Our ice cream and dairy based gelato are made with milk, cream (and some with eggs) and are not suitable for vegans.

Does your ice cream contain gluten?

We have many gluten free options, ask us in store.

Does your ice cream contain alcohol or caffeine?

Our coffee based flavours contain caffeine. Red BullĀ® ice cream also contains caffeine. Our Indulgence range of premium ice cream contain liquors, such as Irish Cream, Tia Maria and Cowboy.

Are you certified by the Health Department?

Yes, our factory has all the required health certificates and we hold a current Dairy Food Safety license. Will’s Batch Bentleigh is registered as a food premises with the Glen Eira City Council.

Can we visit The Williamstown Ice Cream Factory?

Yes, we’d love to show you around. Please contact us ahead of time.