We love ice cream – and our passion runs deep at the Williamstown Ice Cream Factory and Will’s Batch Ice Creamery.

We trace our origins to 1981 when our founders opened a little bayside ice creamery. Locals and tourists loved it and over time we started distributing our handmade ice cream across Victoria.

Nowadays, you’ll find ‘old schoolers’ mixing with a new generation of ice cream lovers. As always, our passion for creating the finest ice cream has stayed the same.

The reason our ice cream tastes like real old fashioned ice cream is simple – it’s all handmade in small batches.

We use wholesome ingredients and blend in seasonal fruit to create unique flavours.

You won’t see any fancy automated equipment in our kitchen because we believe ice cream should be made by really good people, not really good machines.

We get a kick out of dreaming up new flavours. Over the years we’ve made some pretty unique creations, some of which started as simple ideas from customers.

We always welcome ice cream lovers to tour our factory. So if you’re in the area give us a call and drop in to say hello.